Creating contemporary spaces by taking an architectural approach with functionality in mind.




At VOSA, we offer a holistic process which includes detailed consultation, aesthetically driven design, and high quality construction. We transform your design aspirations into highly functional spaces.



At VOSA, we offer high quality renovations and construction, with a focus on remarkable design. In the initial consultation phase, we will take the time to understand your project goals, aspirations, and overarching design aesthetic. Through our effective consultation process, we will draw out the distinctive traits that differentiate your project from the mainstream. We will envision the design you had otherwise not been able to articulate.

As the design process progresses, we invite you to collaborate. If you have an existing design in mind, we will work with you to see how the project might evolve. If you simply have a desire to live in a well-designed, unique structure, we can customise a scheme from the ground up. Throughout the design evolution, we will carefully select high quality Australian products to visually articulate the project aesthetic.  

At VOSA, our ultimate goal is to create a space that reflects your identity. This crucial phase is the perfect opportunity for us to convert your ideas into liveable spaces.


Once your design has been resolved, we call on our collective of talented builders and suppliers to assist with project completion. This collective works together to execute high quality construction with outstanding structural integrity, while we oversee the project in its entirety to ensure your design vision comes to life. 

At VOSA, we truly believe in creating spaces that have been finished to the highest structural standards: the beauty is in the detail. After careful selection during the consultation and design phase, our use of local materials results in phenomenal finishes. Our dedication to quality is demonstrated through fine craftsmanship and remarkable spatial awareness.

Throughout the construction phase, we will keep you informed. We understand the need for great communication and commitment during any project. As a result, you can be assured that you will be kept well up to date on all details and developments during construction.


The combination of good design, quality construction, and detailed project management ensures all VOSA projects will be completed to the highest standard. We pay careful attention to your design aspirations to assure you that the space you are investing time and money into will be a clear representation of who you are. 

The space we create will blend contemporary aesthetic, sustainably sourced materials and quality craftsmanship. Informed by our coast, vast ocean and extraordinary landscape, the space we create will inspire you to live the life you have always wanted.     

Whether we have restored, rebuilt, repurposed or designed anew, we will create a space that brings you pride. Your new space reflects your values through high end finishes, beautiful details and robust construction. In a VOSA space, you can live your life alongside cutting edge design.